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2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle Round 7

2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle Round 7

Seven weeks have gone by and the first part of the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battles have come to an end. It feels like only yesterday we were all waiting for our names to be drawn out to see when we would compete. From being called a bitch, to picking on being a different race, people throwing hissy fits because of their placement, to calling out a judge, to setting records on fire. Yup, you read that right; to setting records on fire.

Last night consisted of DJ Johnny B, DJ Bob Father, Warren Scott, and WillKill. Judges were Brandon Scott Perry, DJ Fuse, and Redbull’s very own Chander. To start the ending of the first part of the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle, Johnny B was called first to the stage. Another young guy who has the mentality of any 21 year old. Don’t let that stir you the wrong way though. Johnny B seems like he has that drive to be a great DJ.

2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle

Johnny B

He may come off like a goof ball that doesn’t know what he’s doing behind the decks and this is where he catches you off guard. Other than the pause in his set while Swedish House Mafia’s track “Don’t You Worry” Johnny B sure did have a rocking set. There really isn’t much more to say about Johnny B. He started out with a segway track of “Bitch Betta Have My Money” which consisted of “Got Your Money” by Ol Dirty Bastard and transitioned into “Betta Have My Money” by Tyga. Then into DMX’s “Party Up”, then the party started to roll. This is where Johnny B starts to grab attention. His love and affection for top 40 remix fused by House music elements show in the tracks he played in the rest of his set. Johnny B is another…ANOTHER hidden talent in the DJ scene in Cincinnati.

There are some names in this competition that others have not heard of and when we do hear these unknown names, we asked ourselves “who…the…fuck..is that?” Well, Bob Father is just that guy with an unknown name. At least to me anyways. So I don’t want to hear any crap about “I’ve been doing this for this long and I’ve opened up for that guy and this guy and have thrown parties back in the day and I use to run this town.” Nope. Not happening this week. So, Bob Father, if you’re reading this, please excuse me for not knowing you at an earlier time. However, Bob Father brought a different game this week.

2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle

Bob Father

Our first and probably the only guy who has entered into this competition by using all vinyl. Bob Father approached me before he went up on stage and asked us not to get on stage to shoot photos because he was going to use vinyl and needed a place to put them down as he was switching them out (not to say that we don’t get that close to where the djs don’t have any room to move around or be uncomfortable, but we respected his request and did just that, which I’m glad we did because instead of blowing out the fire, he insisted on slamming the record down on the turntable which cause the record to break in multiple pieces as well as grabbing the tone arm of the turntable. I’m surprised that the tone arm didn’t break. Further more, I’m really surprised that the next DJ didn’t use that excuse, which you’ll read all about that in the next section) Bob Father’s set was pretty slow moving. It was hard to get into. Being an all vinyl guy, I was expecting something a bit more alive than what he displayed, until his last song, which was displayed by setting his last record on fire. A good closing on his set. But everything else seemed so boring. I just think if you’re going to come in using all vinyl that your skills should be more advanced than the other guys who use Serato or Tractor. But Bob Father proves me and everyone else wrong with his set using all vinyls.

2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle

Bob Father

It would almost be like comparing photographs by a photographer who used a 35 mm SLR camera and a photographer who is using a digital SLR. Technology has advanced. You can only go with the flow. Swimming against the current, is not going to get you anywhere faster than the guys who are going with the current. And this is my opinion with all of that: If you do choose to be the one who goes against the current, you better be stronger than everyone else because they have that much more of an advantage on you. Bob Father had a decent showcase. But to say his set was the winner, I wouldn’t say so and neither did the judges.

Warren Scott. Third DJ of the seventh round of the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle, had a bit of an issue starting out. Not just once, and not twice, but three times did he have problems starting out.  Something wasn’t tracking right with the needles, then there was confusion on what channels he was suppose to be using or why channel 1 (left side) wasn’t coming out while the crossfader was closed on the left side. Hmm……isn’t that something we all learned when we first got our first mixer? What in the world is Warren Scott using at his gigs? Even more so, if you’re not comfortable using the boards that was provided, why wouldn’t you just bring your own? I hear this all the time, “oh, I don’t own that board, I don’t know how to use it.” That’s such a lame excuse and I’m not saying that Warren Scott said or didn’t say that. What I am saying is, all cross faders do the same thing. All channel faders do the same thing. If you’re using an unknown board, stick to the things that you do know that all boards have in common, the faders.

2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle

Warren Scott

Don’t worry about the effects, or anything that has nothing to do with your set. Use the basic knowledge that you have of every board. After listening to the start of his set, it sounds like he was scratching too fast for Serato to be able to actually track correctly and if that is happening, one or two things can be said. One, you have no to little experience with scratching while using Serato. Two, you’re really heavy handed, which is also apart of being a novice scratcher, in my opinion anyways. After of years of crafting your scratching skills, you won’t be so heavy handed either. After clipboards were being thrown into the air and the microphone being dropped due to stress caused by Warren, we were finally ready to get Warren’s set going. And we thought Fidel Cashflo took forever to get going….(sorry Fidel but you can thank Warren for taking the heat off from you!) Warren Scott’s set was ok. Though there was no flow to his set. Everything seemed to be a bit random and rushed. There were some tracks that were just dropped, which is ok on certain songs, but most of it was sloppy. There was an occasional ok transition.

To close out the last DJ of the seventh and final round before the semi’s start was WillKill. WillKill is the second person to use Traktor. We saw Sirkit Breaker use Traktor on Week 4. WillKill also uses the new Z2 board that Native Instruments released not too long ago. Who seemed like he might have been the DJ to win it all was shortly proved wrong. WillKill had 3 mess ups back to back. He had a really good set. The coolest thing that we saw from WillKill was the trick he did with Dead Prez’s song “Hip Hop” by looping the bass line and changing the pitch back and forth and then dropping the actual track. To go back on when it’s ok to just drop a track in your set, WillKill shows us that is an approbate way of dropping a track.

2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle


WillKill was defiantly in favor to win Monday night’s round, however at the end of the night, he was placed second. Again, this proves that the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle is really, anyone’s game. After speaking to him, he knew exactly what went wrong and where it went wrong. Everyone should have been practicing their sets. Day in and day out. If you plan on winning this battle, you really have to have a precise club set with style and technique that sets you apart from everyone else competing. Once that is set, then it’s time to practice your ten minute set. Practice, practice, practice, and more practice. Even with that, things can still go wrong up there on stage. A needle breaks, the decks you’re using aren’t calibrated as the same as the decks you practice on, sticky rpm buttons,using a different board, different slipmats (for those who didn’t bring their own). These are all things that you have to deal with right then and there and still be able to pull off what you practiced so much for. Even when all those things are accomplished, you’re still not guaranteed first place. The most important thing that you must do and remember while you’re in this competition, is to be you. Don’t do anything differently than what you would normally do and think that it may help you out. In fact, sometimes, it may back fire on you and could cause a bad placement. Then you’ll start to wonder what things would have been like if you wouldn’t have done so.

As always, thanks to Dave Chinn for shooting these amazing photos. Please be sure to stop by his website (by clicking here) to check out more of his photography!

2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle Round 7 Standings
  1. Johnny B
  2. WillKill
  3. Bob Father
  4. Warren Scott
2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle Round 7 Judges
  1. DJ Fuse
  2. Brandon Perry
  3. Redbull’s Chander

DJ Fuse was the guest DJ for the 7th round of the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle. Though, he only played for 23 minutes due to the Warren Scott starting issue. Normally the guest DJ has at least a 45 minute set. Either way though, Fuse had an awesome set as usual. Thank you for coming in and judging and dropping the heat at the end of the night!

2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle

DJ Fuse

Fuse is actually a part of the DMS crew that is ran and operated by Kevin Scott. You can find all of the edits that Fuse makes by going to www.directmusicservice.com and signing up to become a member. You can also check out Fuse live (which I highly suggest on doing) at Pavilion, Igby’s, and other 4EG locations. Fuse has become one of the most demanded DJ’s in the city of Cincinnati. So check him out on Facebook (by clicking here), twitter (by clicking here), and most of all, check out his website to stay up to date with him (by clicking here).


Now, here comes the fun part, and I say that sarcastically. I ran into this problem tonight around 2am as I was writing this. There is a wild card being pulled by having a voting poll. This poll is being held here on the site, as all 1,238 people saw already in the matter of less than 12 hours since it was announced. This voting poll will be as fair as possible.  I take blame for being a dumb ass and trusting the djs to only vote once for themselves. When you have nothing to do all damn day long but to sit in front of either multiple laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, or even using multiple web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Oprah, etc.) and vote for yourself 500+ times because you want to showcase your talent, does not, and I do mean, DOES NOT, make it fair for the other djs who are voting fairly and actually having a chance to go through to the finals. I don’t care if there were rules stated or not stated on how you could vote. You know, I know, and everyone else that has ever voted in their life knows, that it’s not fair for you to sit all damn day long and vote for yourself 500 times. You may have come across me the other night, I’m a really nice guy and easy going. But that does not mean that I will play favoritism and allow you to vote all day long for yourself. I don’t care if it drives more people to the website or not. The website does just fine by itself. Even when there were restrictions made on the voting poll, you still were able to get around it. So I made it even more restricted. So every DJ that had people come vote for you, please send them again. You can thank the one and only who had an absurd amount of votes. Because all of their votes, came from one IP address.


I also just want to lightly touch base on last week. For those who saw the change in last week’s post, I had to make an edit due to what was thought of insensitivity on my behalf. I do not write the official reviews, there are no “official” reviews. I write these to give those who are not able to make it out to the battles something to read about. Something to read about. Something to read about. Something to read about. Get it yet? I write how I see things happen. This does not mean it’s official. So when I see something, it may or may not……..let me say that again……it may or MAY NOT be the whole story. That is why I invite you guys to come in here and comment to make your statement. I have no problem editing or re writing these posts to a certain extent. As far as commenting, I’ll allow just about anything go, however, when you start choosing words that may not be approbate, such as, too much profanity, yeah, I won’t approve the comment. So if you leave a comment and it’s been more than two hours and you still don’t see your comment on the site, you might want to check and re write your comment. I know what I write may not be in favor to you, I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to give the people who can’t make it out to the battles something to read about. Now, I’m always willing to work out our differences. Hell, we may even hate each other, but I’m always willing to make up our differences, become friends, and move forward. Another issue that I only saw from one person this past Saturday that I want to bring up, is if you read these posts and offends you……there’s one thing only to do. DON’T READ THEM! I do not “taint” the battles. If you are reading these and it makes you not want to come to the battles on Monday nights, get a life. You don’t have to be around me or acknowledge me, if I make you that uncomfortable, I understand and don’t blame you. It won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t want to be around me. Just don’t make an ass out of yourself while you’re there, cause I’m going to write about it so others who are not able to make it out on Monday nights can read about it.


Now since that’s out of the way. Read and comment, I invite all to their opinion(s)!

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3 Responses to “2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle Round 7”

  1. Kombat says:

    I take full responsibility for the equipment issues on Monday, that I will say. I do not take any responsibility for warrens 5 year old temper tantrum. I apologized issue was resolved and it’s issues that DJs go through everyday.

  2. kraal says:

    sorry i missed this one but allergies were crazy last monday. seems like this was an entertaining night but not in the way one would expect

  3. Ray says:

    I really hate that I missed my dude’s Will Kill set, regardless what he says about it being horrible, i’m pretty sure he killed it!

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