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2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle Round 6

2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle Round 6

The sixth round of the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle was a night to remember. Fidel Cashflo, Dig*It Dane, DJ Fission, and DJ Go Green all competed against each other for the next spot into the semi finals…..my oh my, what a night.

Fidel Cashflo, part of Nati Entertainment along with DJ Go Green, was first up to the stage. Fidel’s word playing towards the middle of his set was pretty cool. Three songs back to back that dealt with money to match “Cashflo”. Cashflo’s transitions could have been a little better. Some were pretty quick to where you couldn’t hear the tracks come together almost like the track was just dropped in.fidel It seemed like there were some problems when the track was exiting the transitions. Maybe it was the way he had them fading out. It seemed like the fades were happening before the verses were done, or in the middle of a word. Though we will say this. At least he knows when to drop a track and around where the other track should end. It seems like there are DJs out there who do not know this and just mix intros to outros. Not knowing too much of Cashflo’s scratching skills, and though there weren’t too much of scratching going on, but we heard where he is at as far as skill level. Actually caught off surprised by it.

This particular night was more of a harder night for me to actually pay full attention to. As some of you may or may not know, Dig*It Dane, who took the stage second, is my younger brother. We’re pretty close to each other, so tonight my ears were on him. I had’t talked to him since Saturday (where we usually talk to each other just about everyday.) and I wanted it to be that way. I forewarned him that I wasn’t going to be easy on him. I didn’t want to know anything about his set or his ideas or what he should do…..you guys get the idea. I was actually caught off surprised. I wasn’t prepared for his set. West Side Connection, DMX, Limp Bizkit, Kano, Tag Team,  to a mashup of Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” and Lil Jon’s “What You Goin Do”, to “Heads Will Roll”, the list goes on. There was only a small bit that I could pick out, and that was where Ice Cube’s track come in from “Heads Will Roll” but he was quick to fix that.  There were times where Dig*It had the crowd going. digitcompYou also saw some physical energy from him that reminded me of Mocool from last week. Not as much as Mocool, but more than what everyone else brought. Dig*It made it look comfortable up there on stage, knowing you’re being judge.







DJ Fission took the stage third in the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle. To be honest, I had thought that Fission was going to be the one that brought the heat that night. He has been seen throughout the city playing in some of the cities hottest clubs. Though you didn’t heat any scratching from Fission, what you did hear though was flawless mixing.

fission By far the cleanest mixing I have heard yet out of the djs in this city. What you didn’t hear was any variety in his set. This isn’t to say what was in his set was bad, nor club worthy. I would say that it was very club worthy. But maybe not for this particular DJ battle. With Fission being third in line, it was just about the right time for his set. A lot of “house”, maybe a couple of top 40 remixes. As I’m sitting here listening to his ten minutes. I’m not too sure where 3 genres come into play. I guess, where Fission threw in “All I Do Is Win” to make his third genre. That was one of the last songs he played. Second to last to be exact. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Fission is a well rounded DJ, he’s more geared towards the high energy tracks. But within saying that, I could see him playing the prime time slot at any club around the city. That’s good enough for me. I love playing the high energy tracks.

Up last, Nati Entertainment’s second DJ of the night, DJ Go Green. austinAnother hidden tallent in the Cincinnati area. One of those “who is that guy? Where does he play at?”. Don’t let this fool you though. This guy brought some game to the tables. What sucks is, that we were not able to record his set. Somebody pulled the plugs on the recorder. Have no fear though, I know I can find it somewhere on the web special thanks to our videographer that night. I’m not gonna lie. I thought Go Green was going to be another standing around DJ with nothing to bring to the tables. Was I ever wrong. There are so many djs in this city. It’s a shame that guys like Go Green isn’t playing some where in the city. Though you can find him in the suburbs of the city. More in the Mason / West Chester area. You’ll also find the whole Nati Entertainment group around that area. As I was shooting photos, I was able to take a peak at some of the things he was doing. The thing that impressed me the most was him taking instrumentals and playing acapellas on top. You see that kind of stuff in the clubs, yet alone from a guy that plays out in the suburbs. Though he may not be rocking it out in the city of Cincinnati, but I bet he’s rocking it out where ever he does play at. Go Green’s scratching was surprising as well. Again, it’s a shame that Go Green isn’t doing more gigs in the city.

There are so many great dj’s in the city of Cincinnati. Don’t get me wrong veterans, there are some guys out there defiantly questionable, but all of round 6 DJ’s should all be playing out in the city somewhere. It’s so hard to get out and about on the weekends to go check out the DJ’s that Cincinnati has to offer. I just wish there was some way we could put them out there on a map, to get recognized, to be known about, and to be heard throughout the city.

As always, a huge shout out to Dave Chinn Photography for providing the amazing pictures. You can check out round 6 of the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle (by clicking here). You can also view all of the photos from the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle as well (by clicking here.) So be sure to do that!.

If this night taught us anything, it would be that the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle is really anyone’s game. It doesn’t matter who you are. Round six of the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle had to have been the hardest week to compete and to be a judge because these four guys are right up each others alley and they all gave it a good great run for the show. In fact, the point difference between first and second place, was only by one. Where that point came from I don’t know.

This wraps up the review of the sixth round of the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle. Till next time folks. Remember. I have no problem editing things to a certain extent. I also welcome everyone to their comments and opinions without a filter….to a certain extent.

Again awesome job to the Round 6 DJ’s; Fidel Cashflo, Dig*It Dane Jacy, DJ Fission,  and to the winner of the 6th round of the 2013 Cincinnati DJ Battle, DJ Go Green

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    Love reading these! Keep em coming! Most appreciative of the no holds barred commentary. :) Thank you!

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